How We Work


Each person and project is unique, and we take the time to get to know you. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in our work. We listen, seeking to understand what’s important to you, and we work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Pre-Design: Discovering What You Want

First, we gather information to guide the project, working with you to explore and establish your aesthetic. We discuss your needs, analyze the site, and build a budget. We also research permits and codes, examine sustainable approaches, order surveys, and conduct any necessary tests.

Schematics: Setting the Tone

Using the research gathered—including aesthetic goals, programming, site and budget constraints—we present you with options. Together, we explore what the design could be. We take our knowledge of the site plan, floor plans, elevations, and key building sections, and create 3D models to bring the design and wish list to life.

Design Development: Defining the Details

Once we arrive at a design direction, we develop it in greater detail. We apply the larger architectural intent to each room, working out the nuances of materials, finishes, carpentry, cabinetry, and building systems. We also coordinate with consultants—including landscapers and engineers—to create a holistic design.

Construction Documents: Communicating with Contractors

We develop documents to communicate the design intent for construction, permits and pricing. Detailed floor plans, elevations, sections, schedules, and specifications define the scope of work, so that a contractor can price and build the project.

Bidding or Negotiation: Finding the Best Fit for Your Project

Whether we bid the project, or a contractor is selected based on negotiation, we assist and support you in choosing the right team. We distribute drawings and pricing instructions to contractors, and meet each one on site to work through questions and get a sense of their approach.

Once pricing is submitted, we thoroughly analyze the numbers to provide clarity and yet another check before construction begins. We review each line item to provide an “apples to apples” comparison. Our detailed analysis of drawings and pricing is a value you can count on.

Administration: Construction from Start to Finish

Construction Administration is an important role for the architect. We work on your behalf by participating in site meetings, reviewing shop drawings and samples, and checking contractor pay requests. From groundbreaking to punch list completion, we observe everything to ensure that the design intent and construction details are successfully implemented. Our involvement helps the process run smoothly and brings the final touches together beautifully.