Mid-Century Renovation


Located in north suburban Chicago, the homeowners were seeking a sleek and sophisticated design that would complement their mid-century home. The wife, a nutritionist, wanted a kitchen that would reflect and support her dietary explorations and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the kitchen needed to be both beautiful and highly functional for the clients. The original kitchen looked something like a laboratory and had traditional upper cabinets and small windows. We chose to remove upper cabinets from the design altogether and add one large window, integrating the natural world into the room with views of the evergreen trees. Cleverly designed storage solutions allow everything in the kitchen to be hidden.

The kitchen was designed in keeping with the home’s overall Japanese aesthetic, with minimalist features and natural materials. We chose light wood cabinetry, quartzite counters and backsplash, and warm metals, including a custom-made hood over the stove. Above, the lighting was kept simple. Below, a medium-toned wood floor adds an extra element of nature to the design. Finally, it was important that the kitchen be large enough to accommodate a table where the clients can truly enjoy the space and share meals with friends.

Knowing how important lighting and finishes are to a home’s look and feel, we changed the flooring and layered the first floor living spaces with a completely new lighting design. Accent coves gave this mid-century home warmth and depth, while accent lighting was added to the fireplace, making it a focal point for the room.

Year: 2018

Location: Suburban Chicago

Photography: Kendall McCaugherty, Hall + Merrick Photography

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