Projects Under Construction

Castle Park Michigan
Located on three lakefront acres, this cottage will be built near the family’s multi-generational vacation home. As the clan expands, they’re carrying on the tradition of spending summers in Michigan by building a new basepoint for beach adventures. Designed with open spaces that connect to the outdoors, the home frames the region’s coastal views with charming lakehouse house. Designed with large open spaces that connect to the outdoors, the home will reference the region’s coastal vernacular while respecting the site and taking advantage of lakefront views.

Deerfield Retreat
On a heavily wooded one-and-a-half-acre lot near the Brierwood Golf Course, the design extends views beyond the woods to the golf course. A series of outdoor rooms including a front entry, court, and pool creates vacation living for this couple. The modern design features our signature large glass windows and an angled roof to foster the warmth and connectivity of a room where family and friends gather.

Buffett House for Distinguished Guests and Global Studies
Located on the Northwestern University Campus, this building was once the carriage house to the Weibolt mansion, which currently serves as the residence of Northwestern’s President. A drastic interior reconfiguration will transform the former garage into a guest house for distinguished visitors to the university. The previous 1970s additions are being replaced and restored to fit the original early-1900s details. With the home’s iconic and historical significance, we are focused on preserving the integrity of the original architecture and meeting the detailed requirements of preservation reviews.

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